Saturday, October 27, 2007

Call Me A Cab

This afternoon, we thought of being able to catch up with the bus depart at 1.50 p.m. to Coco's but as soon as we reach Kah Peng's unit, Komodo was the only one there cooking instant noodles. Too rare to be true! We actually missed our bus and end up walking to USQ with the accompany of the most annoying houseflies.

Coco's best known in providing fresh food like meats and veggies as well as Asian food. We were there waiting at the bus-stop right after we paid for the last item.

As time goes by, we spent our time taking photos one after another...

We kept on waiting and waiting, still the bus was not there yet!

After 30 minutes of waiting, Desmond decided to call a cab since there's no point waiting there any longer.

It ain't cheap to take cab (taxi) here in Australia but at least they do provide good services.

The cab arrived after a short while and everyone was relieved and happy. Can't u see how happy was Desmond with his "V"ictory pose?

Kah Peng and my boi were busy "analizing" the taxi meter. 2 dollars per kilometer, sounds fair to you?

LoL, at first Kah Peng (the tall and big guy) was asked to sit in front (between Kodomo and the driver). I was like... swt, isn't he gonna block the driver's vision?

I've learn a good lesson today which is... not to buy round trip tickets when you're unsure about the bus arrival time and never take the last bus unless that's the last and only choice u have!


  1. www.alistairlihai.comSunday, October 28, 2007

    wow, 2 dollar per kilometer is NOT cheap. LOL, but i think it was worth it, dun u think so? lol

  2. Yeah, it was worth to us cuz at least we didn't need to walk for a few kilometers LoL!


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