Tuesday, October 2, 2007

End of Mid Semester Break


My 2 weeks mid-semester break has finally come to an end, it's time to put a full stop on gaming and get back to uni for classes again. Sigh, gotta pass up another assignment on the next coming Monday.

This time around, we'll miss a great trip to Underwater World on the Sunshine Coast, with a sleepover in the tunnel as well as a visit to the township of Montville on the next day. Perhaps, it's a good thing for me too, since it's gonna cost me a fortune to pay this trip... better save $$$ for grocerries =X

I've noticed something different when viewing my nuffnang account in this afternoon, I'm actually having readers from Norway too!!! Haha, sounds cool, right? I mean... previous I just have readers up to United States but today... woo =D

Forget it! I was juz over excited ~_~ gotta sleep now, still needa get up for class tomorrow. Konbawa everyone ^_-

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