Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Assignments = Graveyard

This gif above looks incredibly horrible, but it best describes our current condition. Assignments are drowning us like crazy, making us suffocate! That sounds pretty serious huh? LoL, what's more? Finals are just around the corner and I'm desperate for job in this coming summer break...

Well, if u wish to help me out a 'lil bit, please offer or recommend me a job before I end up sleeping under the skybridge loose my sanity!!! Alrite, it seems like I'm making everyone worries about me. Truthfully speaking, everythin' is still under control and I'm still able to cope with it, don't worry too much, k?

I miss all of u so much especially mommy, daddy, sis, and bro. Please take a good care of urself, I'm coming home soon... soon as in end of next year maybe...


  1. haha....that gif's from my site!!!

  2. hehe, yeah it's ur site. 4gotten to link back =.="

  3. Wei wei wei... Now only you know. I've 4 assignments due on the same week earlier. Most of it is at least 1700 words, one ven up to 2750 words, more excited than u are 10 times. Wakaka!!!

  4. LoL... I prefer to write essay rather than cracking my brain to figure out codings >.<"


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