Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Visit to Church: Baptized Ceremony

Today, we attended a Christian baptized ceremony in one of the small churches in Toowoomba, the one which we had visited before during the orientation week. Even though both of us are not Christian, but still we enjoyed our presence there celebrating with the big Christian family. I'm glad to be there to witness their baptized ceremony. Congrats to everyone of them!!!

Live band worshiping with the fellows Christians.

I almost shed my tears when hearing their confessions before the ceremony begins.

Background music was being played by a small girl when performing the ceremony.

Kevin, the guitarist who's also into CS (Counter Strike) =D


The hot & sexy bass guitarist... she has a beautiful face structures. *blushes*

"You make me feel so emotional... " LoL, that's my boi with his seductive pose =P


Haha, WYSIWYG!!! I'm not gonna explain any further details of this shot =x

Fellows Christians are praying for the people who's getting baptized.

Baptized Ceremony

Here's a chance for you to open up your eyes to the process of getting baptized.

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