Sunday, August 30, 2009

Japanese Hair Bun and MeiTu Xiu Xiu(美图秀秀)


I have just learned how to make classic Japanese inspired hair bun from cheeserland last night and I loved the outcome so so much! It wasn't easy at all holding my hair in that position, as I got pretty lengthy and thick volume black hair. But still, I managed to do it and succeeded on my second attempt. *says bye bye to ponytail* See how happy I was?!

Note: Please bare with the low quality webcam images.

Rocker Wannabe

Attempted to be a rock star after I watched the Guess Guess Guess "我猜 我猜 我猜猜猜" episode of which 阿雅 and 蝴蝶 battling to be the queen of rock. Just click to watch if you're interested.


Aww, I wanna stay with my pink guitar forever and ever.

Day Dreamer

Acting emo with the colorful windmill pick I got from Toowoomba Languages and Cultural Festival.

Colorful Windmill Pick

My favorite creation of the day! Love the lomo feel ;)

Valentine's Day

Something sweet and pink-ish.


An animated GIF I created for my QQ homepage. If you really like what I did here, try to download Mei Tu Xiu Xiu (美图秀秀) and D-I-Y your own photos now. The photo editing software is only available for Windows based operating systems though. Enjoy and have fun!


  1. wah....japanese hair bun...thought is a type of bread...hahaha.

    ok ler...looks nice on u with the hair bun look on u....

  2. Haha you and your hair again lol

  3. emotionalistic:
    Thank u, girl! *huggiez*

    LoL, no ler xD

    Yesssie!!! It's nobody else but me again :P

  4. I love Japanese hairstyles, I find them cute. I also find Korean hairstyles stylish.

  5. where u download the photo editor ?

  6. Ifa !

    Hi, just click on the download Mei Tu Xiu Xiu (美图秀秀) the last second line at the bottom of this post or just click here.


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