Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sweet Surprises

Home-Cook: Bak Kut Teh

Last night, my boi told me that he's gonna prepare something "special" for me today. But, how special is the special? It's "Bak Kut Teh" he was talking about. He even surprised me with a Grilled Gold Band Snapper with Ginger Garlic. He woke up early in the morning for a new haircut and then started preparing the ingredients as soon as he reached home. That's something you can rarely see him doing in any ordinary days.

Home-Cook: Grilled Gold Band Snapper

The deepwater fish costs around $19 per kilo, and this one weights 1.5 kilo. Surprisingly, it has a very delicate and sweet taste. Thanks my boi for being the chef of the day again! *muackz*

VYBE: Black Leather Boots

I've got myself a new pair of black leather boots to replace the brown winter boots (Ollie) my boi had bought for me around the same time last year. The old ones appear to worn out really soon, since I'm wearing them nearly every single winter day.

VYBE: Black Leather Boots

The only "downside" about these boots is that they come in 3-inch. It could be pretty harmful to your legs, especially when you spend the whole day shopping or walking on the street.

Valley Girl: Little White Dress

A little white dress I ♥ adore ♥
I would say, today is a day filled with sweet surprises.


  1. dress very nice !!!!
    love it too although i'm man@@"

  2. Badboy:
    Hey, thank you!!! That was just a suggestion and you really did it =P How sweet of you...

  3. The dress is so gorgeous and beautiful.

  4. Stephanie:

    Yes! And I love it! Really can't wait to wear it xD

  5. nice clothes & nice shoes!

    and NIcE FOOD!!! i want!

  6. CH Voon:

    I can give all the nice food to u, but now, there's nothing left but pictures only =P


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