Saturday, June 27, 2009

Great Barrier Reef, Tropical North Queensland

Cairns: Great Barrier Reef

Since most of the universities are now having semester break, perhaps it will be a good enough reason for you and your family to take a break and go for a relaxing holiday. If you're a big fan of diving and snorkeling, a sea and nature lover, Great Barrier Reef, located in Tropical North Queensland would probably be the perfect spot for you to travel to.

Cairns: Great Barrier Reef

According to the World Wide Web, Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven wonders of the natural world. It's larger than the Great Wall of China (over 3000km) and is the only living thing on earth that's visible from space.

Cairns: Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef has the world's largest collection of corals (in fact, more than 400 different kinds of coral), coral sponges, molluscs, rays, dolphins, over 1500 species of tropical fish, more than 200 types of birds, around 20 types of reptiles including sea turtles and giant clams over 120 years old.

Cairns: Great Barrier Reef

Cairns: Great Barrier Reef

Cairns: Great Barrier Reef

Cairns: Marine World

Marine World.

Cairns: Pink Anenome Fish

Pink Anemone Fish.

Cairns: Orange Finned Anenome Fish

Orange Anemone Fish.

Cairns: Moorish idols

Moorish Idols.

Cairns: Lionfish


Cairns: Jellyfish


Cairns: Nudibranch


Cairns: Pineapple sea cucumber

Pineapple Sea Cucumber.

Cairns: Wally


Cairns: Orange Finned Anenome Fish

Orange Anemone Fish again.

Cairns: Giant clam

A colorful giant clam.

Cairns: Green Turtle

Green Turtle.

Cairns: Clownfish


Cairns: Cuttlefish


Cairns: Green Turtle

Another Green Turtle.

Cairns: Blue Green Chromis

Blue Green Chromis.


  1. Definitely much better than ur Webcam pics..:)

  2. omg ... nice pics ler!
    u also like diving...i never try a real diving before ler...maybe i shud now

    click ur g ads liow

  3. @jre: LoL, definitely yeah!

    @vialentino: Hehe, It wasn't me who was diving, it was my friends. I'd love to dive some day too...

    P.S. Thanks for clicking my ads xD

  4. Woah, nice pics! The turtle one really reminds me of Finding Nemo. Cool captures.

    Visiting first time. Sup!

  5. How do u take all those photo??
    It is amazingly beautiful!! I wanna go too~~

  6. @Stanley: Hey there, thanks for visiting! There'll be more coming up soon...

    @Johnny: LoL, I wanted to go there so much too, but ah... it's not really a good timing for me to do so =(

  7. These area absolutely beautiful photos. Stunning!

  8. @hawaii wendi: Hey! Thanks for your compliment ;)


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