Friday, June 19, 2009

Lee Riders: Low Rise Super Skinny Jeans

Lee Riders:Low Rise Supper Skinny

Lee Riders, my first super skinny jeans, style: 53111, colour: 616. It's like a "new thing" for me cause I've been wearing either boot-cut or flare leg jeans over the past few years. I have two flare leg jeans which I bought in Malaysia about two years ago. One of them happens to be a bit loose now, while the other is already worn-out. So, I was thinking to myself, maybe it's time for me to try out something fresh and new.

Lee Riders:Low Rise Supper Skinny

Recently, I've lost some weight due to stress, I never knew that pressure could make one feels nauseous and lost appetite until I experienced it myself.

Lee Riders:Low Rise Supper Skinny

The jeans goes well with a voluminous top, you can either wear them with flats or just simply tuck them into a pair of slouchy boots (like the one at the bottom).

Lee Riders:Low Rise Supper Skinny

A picture of me in the fitting room.
Please ignore the poor image quality as it was taken using iPhone 3G.

Valley Girl: Black Knit Top

Black Upper-Thigh Length Knit Top to match with my new jeans.


  1. You wear anything also very pretty de la dear~ ^^

  2. The colour is so cool and nice.


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