Monday, June 15, 2009

Farm Town on Facebook

Farmtown: My Secret Garden

I'm sure most of you must have heard about the Facebook usernames that started two days ago (Jun 13th). Fortunately, I was fast enough to get as my official Facebook profile web address, which is the same as my current blog's URL. In case you still haven't done so, just starting choosing your favorable username by clicking here.

At the same time, I'd like to share a snapshot of "My Secret Garden" in Farmtown, it's one of those game applications that allows you to design, grow and maintain your farm. Feel free to add me up as your neighbour or just simply send me some free gifts (preferably flowers), since now I own quite a lot of fruit trees and animals in my level 26 farm =P


  1. I really dont have much time for my facebook ... My kids love this social networks site
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    Blogger"s Recollections
    Array Of Hopes

  2. Tey:

    Yeah, I'm kinda addicted to it now. It's like one of the must-do things when you surf the net =x


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