Monday, June 1, 2009

Gold Coast and Brisbane: Shopping and Food Hunting

Surfers Paradise Gold Coast: After the Storm

Two weeks ago (on the 21st of May), Gold Coast's Surfers Paradise was struck by a powerful storm, unleashing high winds and flash floods. We had a one-day trip to Surfers Paradise a week after the tragedy, and this was what happened to the white sandy beach.

Surfers Paradise Gold Coast: After the Storm

We shopped along Orchid and Elkhorn Avenues which are graced with big names like Burberry, Cartier, Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Dior, and more.

Kadoya Japanese Food

Kadoya, a Japanese restaurant located not far away from Queen Street Mall, Brisbane. We had our lunch here before departing for Gold Coast.

Queens Mall Gold Coast

The mission of that day was to buy a boot-cut slim fitting jeans and a nice pair of leather boots, but I ended up buying nothing at all. How pathetic!!! We travelled to Queen Street Mall (Brisbane) -> Surfers Paradise (Gold Coast) -> Sunnybank (Brisbane).

Kadoya Japanese Food

At night, we arrived at Sunnybank a little bit earlier to do some Asian groceries shopping in Yuen's Market (袁氏行) and Fresh Food (顶好). It was Dragon Boat Festival (端午节) that day, however, we failed to get ourselves any dumplings, not even one! *faints* Everyone was craving for dumplings...

Queens Mall Gold Coast

For dinner, we popped into a Chinese restaurant called Little Hong Kong (小香港) which is famous for 港式烧腊. The 四式烧腊 we ordered includes Roasted Pork (烧肉), BBQ Pork (叉烧), Teow Chew Duck (潮州鸭), and Soy Chicken (酱油鸡).

Sunnybank Brisbane: Xiao Xiang Gang

I got myself a green tea drink with peppermint and lychee flavored jelly. While my boi has got himself a chocolate waffle ice-cream as after-meal dessert.


  1. saw my fav unagi bento set.....the unagi very big portion leh.

  2. Yeah vialentino, that's quite a big piece of grilled unagi! xD

  3. Wow, the unagi looks so tasty!!! I love to eat Unagi very much too~

    But... you look tastier compare to the food! :p

  4. elims Chuang 光宏:

    Haha, you have a sweet mouth but I am not falling for your charm :P

  5. Hi

    I read your blog and would like to k
    now where is the Xiao Xiang Gang Restaurant in Sunnybank? Does it have an English name?


    Boon Poh

  6. Boon Poh:
    Hi there, thanks for reading my blog ;)

    小香港 is also called "Little Hong Kong". Do you know where is Yuen's Market? From there (facing the store) you walk to your right (towards the public toilets), you'll be able to see "Little Hong Kong" located right in front of you :)

    Good luck and enjoy the food there!


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