Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gucci Envy Me (Pink)

Gucci Envy Me

Although, Gucci Envy Me 2 (the green one) is currently on 50% discount, but I've chosen Gucci Envy Me (the pink one) for myself instead. It has a not-so-strong floral and fruity scent that I like, which is quite similar but not the same as Just Me by Paris Hilton I'm using now.

Gucci Envy Me

A 50 ml bottle can last long enough, I think.

Gucci Envy Me

“Gucci Envy Me” is a seductive scent with a playful and provocative spirit, which reveals a new facet of the Gucci Envy woman. Audacious, youthful and assertive, she flaunts her femininity, delights in turning heads and revels in attention. Spontaneity, sexiness and sheer confidence are her prerogative. A tender and voluptuous candy-colored fragrance with a vibrant floral heart, “Gucci Envy Me” is an expression of this joyful and vivacious femininity. It is the signature of a woman who, at heart, is forever a Gucci girl. - Perfume Empire

Purple Hairband with Bow

Before I end this post, have a sneak peek at my new purple headband with bow =)


  1. I think not only gucci envy you.. many also envy you... me too.. :p

  2. @elims Chuang 光宏: Aww, why would u envy me when you already have such a cute and lovely baby? I should be the one who's jealous of u, right?


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