Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Random Stuff on Monday

Toowoomba: Blue Sky

I'm posting up some random shots I did today.
The beautiful blue sky of Darling Heights, Toowoomba.

Mushroom Head

Take a look at my silly "mushroom hair"!!! Some people said that I looked like a secondary school kid in this photo >.<" I guess I better take it as a compliment...

Striped Hoodie

Don't get my wrong, I did not change my hairstyle at all. These photos were taken when my hair was still wet, I prefer to let it dry naturally after a hairwash.

Bruises on Knees

We went to the cinema yesterday to check out the showtimes of "Ice Age 3" (Dawn of the Dinosaurs) and that was when something embarrassing happened =.=" I skipped down the stairs and fell onto my knees. Can you see those bruises on my knees?


  1. Really do like the 1st photo.
    Do be careful next time.
    Take care.

  2. Nice picture =D Like the detail on the clouds. Btw, your mushroom hair is really funny xP (in a cute way of course)

  3. Hello ms mushroom! ekekeke. how was ice age 3?

  4. Next time be careful oh~

    I like your photo of blue sky...

  5. @Stephanie: Thanks, and yes I surely will! You take care too ^^

    @Stanley: LoL, thanks! I feel better after I read those words in the brackets xD

    @Evo: Aww, don't call me that >.<" Ice Age 3 was great! It's funny and entertaining like always, loved it!

    @GeOk kEE好きな♡ うち: Thanks, I'll be very careful next time =)

  6. cute look with ur mushroom hair and aiyoh...u fall on u knees...dats hurt....hope u recover soon.

  7. @vialentino: Yeah, I fell like a "big potato but it's getting better now, thanks! *cuddle*


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