Saturday, August 2, 2008

Shopping Spree

Baskin Robbin's World Class

Eventually, I'm back with the "items" I've bought recently. Most of them are from Harbour Town Gold Coast, while the rest were bought here in Toowoomba. Guess what? Every single piece of them is my favorite and I love them very, very much! These are the rewards for myself upon the completion of the Bachelor of Information Technology (Networking Major) in USQ.

Gold Coast's Harbour Town: Handbag Charm Pink

I was having a hard time deciding which one to buy...

Gold Coast's Harbour Town: Handbag Charm White

Both of the handbag charms are so lovely and beautiful.


A pair of brown winter boots named Ollie.


Nike WMNS Air Leigh in silver stripes.

Gold Coast's Harbour Town: Nike WMNS Steady IV

Nike WMNS Steady IV.


Nike Teen Girl Full-Zip Hoodie.


Gold Coast's Harbour Town: Striped Mini Skirt

K-Mart: Short Sleeve Tee

Gold Coast's Harbour Town: Blue Sleeveless Padded Jacket

Billabong: Little White Dress

It was love at first sight when I saw this little white dress at City Beach Surf.

Gold Coast's Harbour Town: Pearl Military Cardigan

Gold Coast's Harbour Town: Grey Woven Jacket

Gold Coast's Harbour Town: Striped Woven Jacket

Cosmetic Plus: Striped Rib Scarf

Cosmetic Plus: White Belt

Surprisingly, this white belt is suitable for women of any size.

Razza Matazz: Pantyhose

Hehe, I'd love to try out the sexy pantyhose.


  1. Wah, u really spent a lot there lor...

  2. Akira 思胜:
    Yeah, I spent quite a lot that day and lately because I was in shopping mood =P

  3. aiyo.. buy so much... how are u gonna bring all back home ar? BTW, coming home soon? sem 2 should have finished by now :)

  4. haan:
    LoL, my family will be flying over here to attend my convocation in September. So I have no worries carrying all the stuff I bought in Aussie. =D


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