Thursday, November 15, 2007

A-Patch for Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messeger

I have been playing around with A-Patch since last month, the main reason I like it is its ability to remove advertistments especially the one at the bottom of messenger. Don't worry if you've messed up with the settings 'cuz you can always restore back to the earlier stage before any changes have been made. Get started now and DIY your own Windows Live Messenger using A-Patch. It has a total of 71 features which includes:

  • Remove Windows Live Logo
  • Remove "Messenger" Title
  • Remove Display Picture Container
  • Remove Personal Message Bar
  • Remove E-mail Button
  • Remove Sharing Folders Button
  • Remove My MSN Space Button
  • Remove Windows Live Today Button
  • Remove Make a Phone Call Button
  • Remove Yellow Information Bar
  • Change Display Picture Link
  • Remove Contacts Personal Message
  • Remove Toast Display Picture
  • Remove Gleam Notification
  • Remove Advertisement
  • Add Always On Top Button
  • Remove Search Bar
  • Remove Display Picture in Sign-In Window
  • Remove Bottom Links in Sign-In Window
  • Remove Windows Live ID Branding
  • Disable MSN Spaces Contact Card Integration
  • Remove Color Button
  • Disable Song Links
  • Remove Emoticons from Nicknames
  • Remove Contact Manager Bar
    -- Move Contact Manager Bar to the Bottom
    -- Remove Extra Padding from the Contact Manager Bar
    -- Remove "Add a Contact" Button from the Contact Manager Bar
    -- Remove "Manage your Contacts" Button from the Contact Manager Bar
    -- Remove Contact Search Field from the Contact Manager Bar
  • Remove Windows Live Logo
  • Remove Invite Button
  • Remove Send Files Button
  • Remove Web Cam Button
  • Remove Call Button
  • Remove Activities Button
  • Remove Games Button
  • Remove Block Button
  • Remove Color Button
  • Remove Search Button
  • Remove My Display Picture Container
  • Remove Font Button
  • Remove Emoticons Button
  • Remove Voice Clip Button
  • Remove Backgrounds Button
  • Remove Winks Button
  • Remove Packs Button
  • Remove Nudge Button
  • Remove What's Hot Section
  • Remove Formatting Toolbar Separator
  • Change Ink Tabs to Text
  • Remove Advertisement
  • Add Custom Games
  • Remove Contact's Personal Messange and E-mail (To: Bar)
  • Remove Web Cam Icon from Avatar/DP Containers
  • Remove Nudge Delay
  • Disable Nudge Shake
  • Remove Send Button
  • Add Send Button to Handwriting Tab
  • Remove Status Information Bar Remove "Get a Webcam" Link Add Always On Top Button
  • Remove User Is Writing Message
  • Remove Convert Tab
  • Remove "says" text
  • Polygamy (Multi-MSN)
  • Show Idle Status
  • Shorten Status Info in Info Bar
  • Install WinAMP Plug-in for Now Playing feature
  • Remove Advertisement in Sharing Folders Window
  • Remove Billing Info Menus

==========>> Good luck in trying!!! <<==========

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