Sunday, November 11, 2007



According to Wikipedia, McCafé is a bistro-like restaurant concept by McDonald's Corporation in an effort to gain a share of the ever popular and expanding gourmet coffee market, to avoid losing market share to companies such as Starbucks. They even provide their product ingredients in pdf to share with the public. Hmm, I wonder if McD's will ever bring McCafe to Malaysia.

Last Wednesday, me and my boi had our McChicken Meals at Clifford Gardens' food court - the place where we usually take our lunch while shopping for groceries. Other than McD's, there are several other common retailers in shopping centres like Red Rooster, Subway, Abbas Kebab, and KFC. On that very day, I was stopped by an old lady (the food court's staff) when trying to snap photos in that area. Sigh, no photography allowed in food court ???


  1. so sad!!! tht means i cant see those yummy food :( sobss sobssss!! hahahaaha!!! take care ok

  2. hehe, thanks! u take care too =D

  3. i don't think a food court are not allowed to snap photo.I did that in food court and mcD.It's a public right?So are you obvious taking their food on their counter?

  4. Hmm, not really. I was taking it at my seat >.<"


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