Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Challenge The Limits: Working In Tomato Farm (Part II)

Cherry Tomato Farm

Here comes the part two that y'all been waiting for...
LoL, I ain't sure if y'all really waited for it though.

Piece of Dry Land

The land was drying out as the sun shining brightly above the blue sky.

Still A Long Way To Go

We get exhausted in the end but there's still a long way to go...

The Boundry

I've previous mentioned about one person at each side, meaning my boi will start picking on the left and I'll be start picking on the right of this wooden fence until the very end of the row.

Friendship Never Ends

Lemme introduce the two cowboys to y'all, Kah Peng and Desmond (Right). Hope they won't mind me posting up their photo here =x

The Trucker

The most important time has come, some people were having their light meals, some resting, and some other gathered around the trucker to present their final pails.

Cherry Tomato Farm

All the rows have been plucked with no ripe tomatoes left.

A Tiring Day

Everyone was exhausted and hunger for food and drinks...

Way To Go Home

Me and my boi were sitting on the road side, chit-chatting with the rest while waiting for the transport (AUD 9 for a round trip) to arrive and drive everyone home safely. I must say that the driver's driving was awful, and I felt really insecure sitting in the car.

Cherry Tomato Farm

Now, it's time to say "sayonara" aka goodbye to this beautiful peace of tomato farm.


  1. i like the 2nd pic. trust me, it will become your super nice memory one day, in the future. i was lucky enough to always got jobs that paid me better than working in farm. however, i used to work in a flower farm for 1 day (once in my lifetime so far) before my student visa expired. no pic was taken. felt like a bit regret now :)

    how much have you made for the first day? going some more?

  2. Walau eh Chiristina... You work for one day only complain so much d, some more u got Jeff to help you carry the pail and walk to the truck to pour! Sigh! KP and I have been working for the past 2 weeks, and tell you what... That day WAS NOT HOT!!! You should have come last week, then you know how hot is it! That day was cloudy and even drizzling a bit, speaking of hot, still miles away from what we've experienced before!

  3. haan: Thx! Yeah, I'm thinking da same. It's because u have better luck me... haha, I don't know...

    desmond: Hehe, not complaining but explaining to others about this job =P


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