Friday, November 30, 2007

USQ S2 Results

USQ Result

USQ semester 2 results have been officially released at 4 p.m today, I'm glad that both me and my boi have passed the courses with satisfactory grades. What about other fellow USQ students? Congratz to everyone of you who has done a great job in doing the assignments and exams. As for those who didn't get good results, never give up and keep on trying your best. Lets work harder in the coming semesters!


  1. Congratulation Christina!
    But I cant see any result from the photo, did you hidden it up? haha =P
    Stay cheer always!

  2. kang yong: Thx buddy! LoL, definately I publish my result here in my blog =P

  3. congratulations christina,So do guys celebrate?I am proud of you.:)

  4. Thx u sweetiepie =D Hehe, we didn't really celebrate it ^^


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