Sunday, November 25, 2007

What You Gonna Do?!

It has been raining these two days and I'm having hard time to sleep in the morning, maybe it's because of the cold weather, maybe it's because of the new environment, maybe...

Most students (included me) will pray hard for holidays during every school term especially when there's a lot of classes, assignments, and exams going on. But, what happen when holidays really come? Pray for school again? Definitely NOT!

U might be thinking, "How am I gonna spend this holiday so that my precious time is not wasted for nothing?" The exact question is currently floating in my mind...
What u gonna do when u don't have extra $$$ for entertainment but staying home?
  • Cooking?
    Of course, I'm the one who's talking care of me and my boi's everyday meals!
  • House-keeping?
    I just cleaned the whole washroom, kitchen and balcony again this afternoon!
  • Surf net?
    It's part of my daily activities...
  • Play online games?
    Yeah, my ranger (MapleStory) just leveled up but it's really boring to play game for so many hours...
  • Blogging?
    Aww, I'm running outha idea to blog now >.<"
Both me and my boi have decided to try out the farm job which Kah Peng and Desmond are currently doing. I know it's not an easy job, but at least I could earn some $$$ while finding for a better job. It's summer days and we're going to work under the hot sun! Woo... wish me luck!


  1. oooo!! aron wish u good luck!! may god always be with u!! happy earning ok:)


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