Monday, November 5, 2007

Drowning in the Sea of Books

There'll be an open exam for tomorrow which starts from 2.30 P.M. to 4.30 P.M. An open exam allows you to bring in any printed or written materials (that you believe will help you) during the exam. I, myself is a little confused with the word "printed". Are reference books considered as printed materials as well? Hmm, open exam for programming language doesn't sound good to me at all...

I've got a good news today, I'm so happy to find out that we don't have to pay for the Telstra and Netspace relocation fees any more! Why? Simply because we're just switching units within the same housing area under the same residental provider. What a big relief us!


  1. Oooo...I do so know how that feels!!!
    Don't stress yourself too much ya, rest and sleep well:)
    All the best:D

  2. Hehe, thx a lot christy! *huggiez* I've been having sleepless nites lately =X


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