Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Exam is Over Vs Finding Jobs

Spicy and sour prawns

Yeppie !!! I'm free like a bird now !!! I had my last exam this early morning at 8.30. I truly feel blessed 'cuz the question paper was much easier than I could imagine. Hehe, it's also my first time to come out from the exam hall before the last 15 minutes. What a great relief !!!

Sweet soy and garlic chicken

Another good news is my working permit for student has been approved. What's next? Time to look for a part-time or full-time job in this coming 3 months summer break. Any recommendations for me? My other friends have found themselves farming jobs but I don't think I'm able to work in a farm under the hot and bright sun. I bet I'll be suffering from serious skin problems which I don't wish them to happen to me...


  1. then maybe work in a office environment?? well wish u good luck!! aron will pray for u!!! take care!!!!

  2. Thanks a lot =D Hopefully can find indoor job...

  3. hi.. hope u have an enjoyable summer there :) by the way, how did u get to my blog? (just curious) i miss twb.. it's a good place to laze around.. still having few friends there. my last visit was July 2006.

  4. congrate to you christina,
    Wish you Good luck in looking a new job.summer is coming in your place?Ohh I didn't know that.:)

  5. haan: Hi there, I get to ur blog via Nuffnang. Hehe, what a coincident! I happen to know one of ur friendz who's the "taukeh" of the computer shop @ Uni Plaza.

    sweetiepie: Thanks, sweetie! Yeah, summer is coming... it's gonna be SO HOT!!! ~.~

  6. hi christina.. i think u saw me mentioned him (the boss) in my writing. he and his wife are my best friends. after i moved to sydney to work, everytime i went back to twb, i stayed with them. also witnessed their marriage :)

  7. Did you cook that? Or you bought them? Look really delicious.

  8. haan: Cool!~ When wil be the next time you coming back to twb?

    lovie: Yeah I cooked them by myself =D Hehe, they are delicious ^_^

  9. OMG!!!!
    yummy yummY!!!!!!!!!!!
    *drool nonstop*

  10. Haha, JJ =P u like my home-cooking food?


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