Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday's Special

Spicy Salted Vegetable Soup

Whoah, I had a super nice "Spicy Salted Veggie Soup" for my dinner just now. Don't ask me how super nice was it 'cuz I'm the chef in charge! LoL =P The dried chillis can easily get from Rema (one of the grocery stores in Uni Plaza which sells Asian & Indian food ingredients and spices). As for the other ingredients like salted vegetables, you can grab it anytime from the J & R Grocery in Coco's. Here, I've used chicken drumsticks instead of roasted duck or roasted pork to boil this soup (both of them are expensive and hard to get).


  1. Look delicious, is it difficult to cook? I'm craving for some homecooked food. *drools*

  2. Not really hard. Just need some garlic, cooking oil, dried chilli, salted veggie and chicken / pork then boil together ^_^


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