Sunday, November 25, 2007

New House New Rules


This is the nice and clean balcony that connects with our room. My boi just tied two ropes accross the balcony yesteday, so that we'll be able to hang more clothes there.


We're having three housemates from three different countries (China, India, and Madagascar). The second bathroom at downstairs is occupied by Shad (the Muslim Indian). So, four of us are sharing the one at upstairs.


I love this kitchen very much! U know why? Simply because it's always as clean as it's just cleaned by house cleaners. But of course, we do put a lot of effort to keep it clean...

Dining Area

This is the dining area, I love it cause the table is always clean. There's even an extra window on the right (as u can see in the photo), it's only available to corner units.

Living Room

Today, I've vacuumed the blue couches in the living room which were covered with thick dust and some dead flying insects. Hehe, not to mention, I cleaned every part of the living room too. Special thanks to my boi for cooking dinner in the late afternoon while I was doing the laundray. *Muackz*


Still remember the bathroom I cleaned yesterday? One of our housemates (Ralph) was very happy after he saw it and he actually told us that he gonna buy new mattress to put in the bathroom. Then, this morning, the first thing we saw in the bathroom was these two new pieces of mattress. Two of us were kinda suprised but felt happy as well...

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