Tuesday, September 7, 2010

RiverFire Trip: Top One Chinese Seafood Restaurant (第一楼)

Top One Seafood Restaurant: Siu Mai

The last time we had a leisure and relaxing trip was about three months ago, where we spent 2 days 1 night in Brisbane for my IELTS test. And last Saturday, we organized another trip down to Brisbane. I named it the "RiverFire Trip" as our main purpose was to get a view of the fireworks display for the opening of the Brisbane River Festival 2010. We first picked up Cynthia, Vera, and Jefry from Vibe Hotel located on the Gold Coast's Surfers Paradise, then yumcha together at Top One Chinese Seafood Restaurant. Overall, the food was alright, some tasted good while some tasted bad.

Top One Seafood Restaurant: Pork Dumplings

Pork Dumplings, the wrappers were a bit hard and the fillings have strong pork smell (which I dislike the most) too.

Top One Seafood Restaurant: Siu Yuk

BBQ Roast Pork, the skin was not crispy enough.

Top One Seafood Restaurant: Cynthia and Me

Vera and I.

Top One Seafood Restaurant: Bean Curd

My soy bean curd (豆腐花).
The texture was very smooth and soft, but I like it more with brown sugar (黑糖).

Top One Seafood Restaurant: My Boi

My boi, busy feeding his big tummy...

Top One Seafood Restaurant: Xiao Long Bao

Siu Long Bao (小笼包), not as juicy as expected.

Top One Seafood Restaurant: Fried Prawn

Fried Bean Curd with Prawn, quite nice.

Top One Seafood Restaurant: Jefry and Cynthia

Jefry and Cynthia.

Top One Seafood Restaurant: Cynthia, Vera and Me

Me and the Cynthia sisters.

Address: Australia Fair Shopping Centre, 42 Marine Parade, Gold Coast QLD 4215, Australia.
Contact: (07) 5532 5500

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  1. The dim sum actually looks good....hehe...maybe it's just the outlook :P.

  2. emotionalistic:
    Yeah, some food doesn't taste as good as they appear =)


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