Monday, September 13, 2010

My Big Day: USQ Masters Graduation at the Empire Threatre 2010 (Part 2)

My Masters Graduation 2010: On the Stage

Okay first of all, I admit that I might be a little too anxious to show you all of my graduation photos. But do forgive my anxiety, these photos are priceless to me and there would be no part 3 or 4 after today's post, I promise. And by the way, it's my beloved mommy's birthday today! I wanna wish her here, "Happy Birthday Mommy! I love you, miss you, and like you always said, please take a good care of yourself too!".

My Masters Graduation 2010

Red roses given by my boi, there were 9 of them (you know what that means) ❤ I told him earlier not to get me roses (although I love roses so much) as the price would be doubled on such special occasion. Still, he got them for me and I was cheering so happily in my heart when I saw them. Thank you, BB!!! xoxo~ 

My Masters Graduation 2010: Myself

Smiling all day =)

My Masters Graduation 2010

We were mad hungry when taking all these photos, but we had to keep going still xD

My Masters Graduation 2010

The Empire Threatre located next to the Encore's Restaurant.

My Masters Graduation 2010

I love this shot so much, with sun setting behind me.

My Masters Graduation 2010

In front of the St. Stephen's Toowoomba Uniting Church.

My Masters Graduation 2010: My Jump Shot with Bev  1

Throw rectangular hats (in Cantonese) / graduation hats shot, hooray!!!

My Masters Graduation 2010: My Jump Shot with Bev 2

Graduation jump shot. I jumped high, didn't I? =P

My Masters Graduation 2010

One last shot of me with my graduation gown on.

My Masters Graduation 2010: Empire Threatre

Me at the graduation hall, after handed over everything (except my certificate, teehe!) to them.


  1. congrats to u again dear. U looking lovely :)

  2. wow....congrats....nice grad pics!

  3. congratz to you! Finally, you are graduated! Cool! what is your next plan? PHD?

    Let me guess, stay at australia find a career? just like your boyfriend.

  4. Yvon S:
    Thanks babe *cuddle*

    Thank you, via! ^^

    CH Voon:
    Thanks CH, but I'm not planning to do PhD, unfortunately. I'll try to get a full-time job here while my bf is still doing his masters =)

    Thank you, Steven xD


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