Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Big Day: USQ Masters Graduation at the Empire Threatre 2010 (Part 1)

My Masters Graduation 2010

Yesterday was the best day in my life! The weather was perfectly fine, with a big yellow sun shining so brightly in the blue blue sky. Dear all, I'm here to announce that I've finally graduated on the 11th of September, 2010! It's my second (masters) graduation in Australia so far, the first one (bachelors) was back in 2008, which took place exactly two years ago. I felt happy, very very happy indeed, although my family did not manage to attend my graduation ceremony this time, but at least I still got my boi and my dear friends to cheer for me, standing right by my side. Thanks guys and girls, you all have made my big day perfect in every way, especially my boi ❤ love ya! *muackz*

My Masters Graduation 2010: With Veron

Cynthia, my personal make-up artist and hairstylist of the day. I really appreciated everything that she did for me yesterday, thank you so much dear, for your time and patience ❤

My Masters Graduation 2010: With San

San, the lovely lady who made me yummylicious sushi and brought them over to me last night *touched* Also, thanks for the flowers and the super cute greeting card *touched again*

My Masters Graduation 2010: With Shaine

With Shaine, I felt guilty for keeping her waiting in the afternoon (before the graduation ceremony). Sorry, and thanks prettie for the beautiful flowers bouquet ❤

My Masters Graduation 2010: With Vera and Daren

Thanks Cynthia, Vera and Daren for the card and pressie ❤ Just to share, each time I type his name "Daren" on my iPhone, it automatically changes to the word "darn" instead, LoL!

My Masters Graduation 2010: With Belinda

Thanks Belinda and JH for the yellow flowers, it suits my last name well =P
Ooi ooi... (means yellow in Hokkien).

My Masters Graduation 2010: With JH

JH with his shades on.

My Masters Graduation 2010: Me and My Boi

Eventually, a photo with my lovely BB!!!
You'd never have guessed what did he get me on my graduation day, or would ya?

My Masters Graduation 2010: Bev and Myself

Bev and I, we graduated on the same day, same time, and same place. Thanks Bev for "rushing" me to the Empire Threatre, else I'd be way too late (I was already late but not too late yet) to collect my graduation gown. Hehe, thanks for the flowers too! *huggiez*

My Masters Graduation 2010: With Richmond

Richmond, he seemed to just have his hair cut.

My Masters Graduation 2010

Smiling as it was the happiest day of my life.

My Masters Graduation 2010: Groupie

A groupie of our dear friends.

My Masters Graduation 2010: With Vera, Veron and Belinda

Smile ladies!


  1. Hello girl congrats again:)
    I think your friend Cynthia done a good job.. you wore a very nice make up :)

    btw, I love your formal wear :)

  2. Let me guess, you BB gave you a designer handbag? Anyway, congratulations, hun! ;)

  3. Congratulations Dr Christina :)

  4. Vian Lee:
    Hi dear, thanks very much! ^^

    Thanks babe~ He got me a pink Sony digital camera and a DKNY watch which comes with a bracelet too =)

    Thanks Andy, it was my master's graduation, not Ph.D =P


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