Friday, September 10, 2010

RiverFire Trip: Madtongsan Korean Cuisine

Madtongsan Korean Cuisine: Fried Dumplings

On the night of September 4th, where most of the restaurants and cafes in Brisbane city centre were "overloaded" by crowd of people. A big group of us walked, walked and kept walking for don't-know-how-long, until we finally came to the front of this Madtongsan Korean Restaurant at the Elizabeth Arcade. Unexceptionably, the restaurant was also packed with long queue waiting to be seated. But we waited patiently until there was a table available for 6 of us.

Madtongsan Korean Cuisine: My Boi and Vera

My boi and Vera (she was too busy helping the couple to snap photos).

Madtongsan Korean Cuisine: Takoyaki

My fave Takoyaki (fried / grilled octopus).

Madtongsan Korean Cuisine: Takoyaki

We got them from the food court at Myer.

Madtongsan Korean Cuisine: Okonomiyaki

Including this Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) here, big and tasty!!!

Madtongsan Korean Cuisine: Spicy Beef Bulgogi

Spicy Beef Bulgogi, my friend's order.

Madtongsan Korean Cuisine: Seafood Flavored Ramen

The Seafood Flavored Ramen does look a lot like those instant noodles we had back home, but the taste is so much better and delicious (at least that's what my boi said to me).

Address: Shop 28, Elizabeth Arcade, 99 Elizabeth St, Brisbane QLD 4000, Australia
Contact: (07) 3210 2773

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  1. *drools* The spicy beef bulgogi looks good. That's all you had for dinner, just takoyaki?

  2. emotionalistic:
    Erm apparently yeah, but I did had some fries around 6 in the late afternoon :P


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