Thursday, September 9, 2010

Potluck Monday

Potluck Monday

The next day after we returned from our RiverFire Trip, all of us gathered at Cynthia's place to have potluck dinner with the loving couple. Thanks peeps, the dishes and desserts were simply delicious!!!

Potluck Monday: Steamed Herbal Chicken

Steamed Herbal Chicken prepared by Cynthia.

Potluck Monday: Groundnut Soup

We brought Chinese-Style Groundnut Soup (花生汤) which has been boiled for more than 3 hours and a Marinated Cold Cucumber (凉拌青瓜) dish that I didn't take photo of.

Potluck Monday: Brocolli Dish

Cynthia's cooking, will have to ask her about the name of this dish.

Potluck Monday: Stir Fried Prawn with Brocolli

Stir Fried Prawn with Broccoli by Mei.

Potluck Monday: Jelly

Vera made us jelly (水晶糕) for desserts.

Potluck Monday: Me and Jelly

It tasted just right, not too sweet ❤

Potluck Monday: My boi and Jelly

My boi flipped his jelly upside down so that I could take photo of the strawberries hiding below.

Potluck Monday: Me and Hippie

Smile Hippie! =)

Potluck Monday: My boi and Hippie

My boi "taming" the hyperactive Hippie with his two hands.

Potluck Monday: Hello Panda Biscuits

That's a chocolate flavored Hello Panda biscuit in my mouth.


  1. why all the photos look a bit blur?
    the color is not look nice compare to previous photos.

  2. CH Voon:
    LoL~ CH, that's what the so called "retro effect", looks old and a bit blur as well *cheers*


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