Thursday, September 2, 2010

Picnic at the Japanese Garden


We had a pot-luck picnic at the Japanese Garden yesterday, around 4 pm in the afternoon and the weather was considerably warm with bright and sunny sky. My boi and I had brought some fruits and chocolate fruit cake, while Kitt on the other hand prepared these tart-looking mini pizzas.


Yam cake made by Belinda. It reminds me of my grandma who already passed away... I really miss her and those delicious yam cake she used to make for us.

Picnic at Japanese Garden

It was Cynthia who baked those cupcakes.
There were also heaps of biscuits, snacks, donuts, sandwiches, and many more!

Picnic at Japanese Garden

My grandma floral dress which matches the garden so perfectly.

Picnic at Japanese Garden

Everyone was busy doing whatever they were doing...

Picnic at Japanese Garden

Btw, fish and duck feeding is allowed here.

Picnic at Japanese Garden

Flowers everywhere =)

Picnic at Japanese Garden

With San, the "Love Affair" lady.

Picnic at Japanese Garden

Me and Kitt. She must be freezing in that short pants of her.

Picnic at Japanese Garden

Loved the bridge and reflections in the water ❤

Picnic at Japanese Garden

One last photo with Vera. The grasses were a bit damp though when we laid our bodies on them, the feeling was rather awkward as we had no idea what may be hidden beneath us *shivers*

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  1. Love your last pic! You made a right choice by lying on the damp grass :P.

  2. emotionalistic:
    Haha! Thanks dear, at least it was worth it xD

  3. I love your photos!! :D
    And such a nice place for a shoot too~ :)

  4. Melissy:
    Thanks sweetie for both your compliment and visit =)


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