Monday, August 9, 2010

FOR SALE: Logitech S100 (Black) Desktop Speakers

Selling the speaker set for AUD 5 (postage not included), preferably COD (cash on delivery) in Toowoomba. Feel free to leave your comment(s) / enquiry here, or just simply e-mail me, thanks =)

Logitech S100 Desktop Speakers

♥ FOR SALE: Logitech S-100 Desktop Speakers ♥

Model: S-100
Color: Black
Design: Round edges and blue LED to display power. Both the power and volume control buttons are located at the side of the speakers along with 3.5mm headphone jack.
Suitability: Compatible with all audio sources like computers, laptops, portable CD players, MP3 players, MD players and many others.
Condition: Used but still in excellent condition

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