Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Homemade Candlelight Dinner for 七夕情人节

Candlelight Dinner: 七夕快乐 2010

Unlike last year, we had our little Chinese Valentine's Day (七夕情人节) celebration at home by preparing some delightful home-made dishes for each other. Moreover, I did spend extra time and effort to decorate the dining table this time with a bouquet of red roses, two wine glasses, a bottle of champagne, and a lighting table candle to create such romantic candlelight dinner ♥

Candlelight Dinner: 七夕快乐 2010

ღ Sweet and Sour Chicken ღ
Ingredients used for the gravy are garlic, onion, soy bean paste, light soy sauce, red chilli, tomato sauce, sugar, and cornstarch. The gravy is also suitable for fish or any other meat dishes.

Candlelight Dinner: 七夕快乐 2010

ღ Cheese Baked Oysters ღ

Candlelight Dinner: 七夕快乐 2010

For after-dinner desserts, we got pineapple slices and red bean soup =)

Candlelight Dinner: 七夕快乐 2010

Then followed by a movie at the cinema, not romance but action type — "The Expandables"

P.S. Happy Chinese Valentine's Day (七夕情人节) to all  my dear friends and readers out there!


  1. Nice night ended with Action movie, hahaha...

    How are you? Longtime no catch up with you~

  2. so romantic ♥ you're a great gf and I'm sure you will be a great wife & mummy in the future too. You can cook a lot of delectable foods :)

    Yesterday night went to watch The Expandable with bf, the story line was kinda boring and tell you what, I asleep in the cinema... LOL

  3. wow lovely romantic dishes there...hahaha...

    of course after the dinner shud watch action movie mah!!!! then followed by real action...kekeke.

  4. 小澤 (DSvT):
    It sounded strange wasn't it?
    I'm doing well here my friend, how about yourself?

    Yvon S:
    Thanks Yvonne, it's very kind of you to say that ;)
    LoL~ I'm not surprise to hear that you felt asleep! I also thought it'd be just another boring movie with a bunch of "old" actors, but it wasn't really that bad after all.

    Thank you, via =)
    Hmm, I hope I didn't misinterpret the meaning of "real action" you mean here =P

  5. Very nice and simple dinner :). Very sweet...hehe.

  6. emotionalistic:
    Yeah, those two dishes can be prepared easily, and they saved me a lot of time too ^^


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