Monday, August 9, 2010

Sight Seeing and Home Cooking

Kara View Court: Table Top Mountain

On an unquestionably cold and windy afternoon, my boi and I went on a leisurely sight-seeing drive to Kara View Court and some other places in Toowoomba after lunch. We only stepped out of the car once to snap some photos, and the air was freezingly cold! Like the view here? By the way, the Table Top Mountain appeared to be a little too bald at this time of winter, no trees, no grasses...

Kara View Court

Was wearing about 4 layers that day *shiver*

Kara View Court

Close-up view of Toowoomba and the bottom of the range, I assume.

Home-cooking: Steamed Chicken Wings

ღ Braised Chicken Wings ღ
They were pre-marinated with special seasonings last night.

Home-cooking: Veggie Tofu Soup

ღ Vegetables and Tofu Soup ღ
I've used different ingredients to make tofu soup this time.

Home-cooking: Steamed Butter Sweetcorns

ღ Steamed Sweetcorn with Butter and Salt ღ
Some like to sprinkle some pepper powder on it.


  1. so natural view. I like it and want to have a picnic here.

    p/s: your face getting round a bit lo kekeke

  2. CH Voon:
    Thanks for being honest with me, CH
    I noticed that too when I was comparing my recent photos with those taken a few months back, I must admit that I got rounder face now sadly :'(

    The badminton courts were closed for more than one month already, and they're definitely responsible for the reason why I become "chubbier"!!!

  3. wah wah...i love this scenery ... very beautiful.

    and of course ur cooking look so delicious....

  4. The chicken looks so yummy. It's getting really cold there huh? Take care ;).

  5. vialentino:
    It looks a lot nicer in the summer I'd say ;) And thanks via for your compliment!

    Thanks dear, it is... and been raining non-stop since last night :/
    You take care too! *huggiez*


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