Saturday, August 14, 2010

Something Sweet

Something Sweet: Chocolate Cupcakes
I'm gonna start off my post with something really sweet and special today. How special is "special"? These cupcakes are special enough to be baked by my boi. I don't know what's got into him but he just made them for me ♥ The normal him doesn't usually bake or I should use the word never instead *touched* Besides that, he has also bought me something that I wanted to have since years ago *touched again* I'll only include photos of that "something" in my coming post. So, please make sure you'd be back to check them out!

Something Sweet: Candle and Fragrance Oil
#1 Fragrant oil (rose), oil burner, and candles. It's such a fabulous aromatherapy to calm and relax your body after one long day of hard work.

Something Sweet: Hair Clips
#2 Hairclips to keep my front hair in position. I hate eating with hair falling down on my face.

Something Sweet: Birthday Pressie
#3 A birthday pressie we've got for the birthday girl, San. We spent quite some time thinking what should we get for her and finally decided to buy her this. Attached with a little handmade (yes, I DIY-ed it myself) birthday card and writings.

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