Sunday, August 15, 2010

San's 22nd Birthday: Countdown Party

San's 22 Birthday Celebration: Me 1

I slightly curled my hair with Remington 32mm curling tong last night, before attending San's 22nd birthday countdown party. The entire process took approximately half an hour and the result was pleasurable enough (since I was in a big hurry). We just stayed at the party for an hour or so, then headed straight back home to bed. Unbelievably, I survived the one-day job in Dalby with barely 2 hours sleep in the morning. It sure was a hell of a big day today!

San's 22 Birthday Celebration: Me 2

Act cute pose #1

San's 22 Birthday Celebration: Me 3

Act cute pose #2

San's 22 Birthday Celebration: Me 4

Act cute pose #3

San's 22 Birthday Celebration

A delicious home baked cheesecake by Cynthia.

San's 22 Birthday Celebration: Me and San

Me and the birthday girl, San.

San's 22 Birthday Celebration: Cut Cake Ceremony

We gave her a surprise birthday singing as she stepped into the door.

San's 22 Birthday Celebration: Birthday Wishes

Birthday wishes and greetings.

San's 22 Birthday Celebration: Bev and I

Btw, Bev looked gorgeous with her hair tied up like this ♥


  1. san ar... the one i said look like boy. only 22 years old nia. so young.

    happy birthday to san.

  2. CH Voon:
    Yeah, she's younger than me ;)
    And thanks for your birthday wish, CH!

  3. I like your white dress! You look great in it ;).

  4. emotionalistic:
    Thanks babe! *^-^* I got that dress from City Beach.


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