Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Home-Cooking: Steamed Redspot Emperor (Teochew Style) and More...

Home-Cooking: Wonderful Dinner

My boi and I have prepared a splendid home cooked dinner tonight! *proud* We started cooking right after we came back from groceries. I must say that the process was really hectic since I not only had to capture behind-the-scenes photos (I did it for you guys k? Ahem) but also cooking and helping out my boi at the same time. Anyway, everything was worth it when we can eventually sit down and taste the dishes we prepared with our own hands. Thumbs up to both of us!!!

Home-Cooking: The Ingredients to steam Redspot Emperor

Step 1: Wash and dry the fish, then slice the ingredients needed into small chunks and place them decently around the plate. For this recipe, we made use of ginger, tomato, dried plums, shallot root, pickled mustard, chillies, and a tablespoon of soy sauce and squid / fish oil for flavoring. 

Home-Cooking: Steaming Redspot Emperor

Step 2: Steam the fish with hot boiling water. Remember to put on the lid though!

Home-Cooking: Decorating Steamed Redspot Emperor

Step 3: Decorate the dish with some greens (shallot / coriander or both like I did here).
Additionally, you may add some fried garlic minces and cooking oil before / after the greens.

Home-Cooking: Steamed Redspot Emperor

Step 4: Ready and serve!!!

Home-Cooking: Steamed Redspot Emperor

The fish tasted great and very rich in natural flavors. Slurrrp~

Home-Cooking: Stir Frying Minced Pork

Let's see what else have I done in the kitchen tonight... stir-frying pork mince I was...

Home-Cooking: Stir Fried Taiwanese Pak Choy with Minced Pork

They were used for my veggie dish, Stir Fried Taiwanese Pak Choy with Minced Pork.

Home-Cooking: Lotus Root Soup

Finally, a big pot of  Lotus Root Soup which is absolutely essential for a home-cook dinner!


  1. You should open a restaurant, seriously! Those dishes are professionally cooked!

  2. enjoy ur pics so much....i just ngam ngam posted steamed fish also....but urs look delicious than mine

  3. can u finish all? it is too much for u. u not scare getting fat meh?

  4. BeverLy's Secret:
    Woah, that's a big compliment to me! Thanks girl =)

    This Teochew style steamed fish is my favorite, love the hot and sour taste so much!!! <3

    CH Voon:
    It's never too much for me, cause I got my boi to finish all them food xD

  5. Yummy...love the Teow Chew style fish! :)

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    Is this possible?


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