Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Checklist of My 2010 New Year Resolutions

In another 4 months, I'll have to list out another batch of new year resolutions for 2011. Time flies and as I speak, we've already came to the last day of August, which is also the Independence Day of my home-country, Malaysia. Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! The calender reminds me that there's no better time than now to go through the checklist of my 2010 new year resolutions.

2010 New Year Resolution Checklist

1. As every year, loose weight or just stay slim.
☑ My weight is quite "stable" in the past 7 months, not gaining / loosing too much weight. The winter is a lot colder this year, so I guess it's a success to maintain my current weight (can't complain much about it). Anyway, I'm keen to loose some weight in the coming summer. I wanna wear bikinis!!! *blush*

2. Stay young and healthy.
☑ Although I'm one year older now, but my health status is good like an ox (I was born in ox year btw). Zero visit to the local hospital up until now *fingers crossed*

3. To pass all courses in semester 1 with flying colors and also to graduate from masters.
☑ Yes, I did it!!! *proud* My graduation ceremony will be held in another 2 weeks, hurray! 

4. To pass IELTS (International English Language Testing System) with average score: 7 or above.
☑ I'm pretty satisfied with the scores *cheers*

5. Becoming Australian permanent resident.
☑ In the process...

6. Visit Melbourne or New Zealand in the winter.
☐ It apparently not happening since we'll have to save the money for the HK trip next year.

7. To find a good career after I graduated.
☐ Will only start looking for one after my graduation ceremony in September. I know it won't be easy but I'll definitely try my best.

8. As always, I'll try my best to contribute better quality posts and photos to my dearest readers.
☑ I think I did a pretty good job so far, at least I've tried to write differently to make my posts interesting.

9. To save some money for DSLR after I paid my last semester's course fees.
☑ My boi has already bought a Nikon D90 in July this year, hence there's no point for me to get another DSLR as we're sharing it already. To be frank, this bulky black box is a lot heavier compare to the Sony DSC-T100 I was previously using. And one thing for sure, it does take undeniably good photos *happy*

10. To spend one happy month with my family and friends in Malaysia.
☑ Before I went back to Malaysia, I was overly excited (I know I always am, neither overly excited nor overly worried) until I couldn't fall asleep for one consecutive week, not until 5 or 6 something in the morning. I intended to have a great Chinese New Year celebration with my long-time-no-see family (I miss them so so much), friends and relatives. I even thought I could still greet my grandma (my daddy's side) "Keong Hee Huat Chai" when I see her again... but no... she passed away 2 days before the Chinese New Year, no grandma, no celebration... I felt gratified somehow, cause at least I was there at her funeral. Besides, I've spent quality time with my mommy, daddy, sis, and bro. I also managed to catch up with my old friends during the barbecue re-union party.

11. Work harder and earn more money.
☑ Hell yeah, I worked a lot harder than I did before, which means more money in my piggy bank. But, how come it remains empty still? Mainly because I spent most of them to pay off my course fees in semester 1 this year, and the rest is reserved for my PR application *frown*

12. To be loved and cherished in each and everyday.
☑ I feel loved everyday. Just like today, I received a text message from my mommy, it was the warmest and most touching SMS she ever sent to me *tears* And my sis, she has bought me the return flight tickets to HK as my graduation pressie *hugs* My boi on the other hand, I wanna thank him for making me breakfast and filling up my lunch box every time before I go to work *touched* Thanks for cheering me up whenever you pissed me off or made me cry, thank you for loving me for me... love you all~ xoxo

13. Improve my cooking skill so that I can prepare more variety of dishes for my boi.
☑ I guess I probably did achieve this. I have devoted a significant amount of effort and time to prepare better home-cook dishes for my boi and he really loved them *smile*


  1. You've accomplished most of your resolutions already. So, you have 4 more months to sit back, relax and celebrate your achievements. ;)

  2. emotionalistic:
    Yeah, but I still have to keep working on those which I haven't achieved yet =)

  3. Keep it going, sometimes you need help to stay on track. But those resolutions will happen!

  4. Bruce:
    Thanks Bruce, for your advice and encouragement!


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