Saturday, August 21, 2010

I Kissed the Sunset

I Kissed the Sunset 2

We went to take some photos just now, loved the windmill and sunset so so much.

I Kissed the Sunset 1

My glowing heart ❤

I Kissed the Sunset 3


I Kissed the Sunset 4

The sun was shining so brightly.

I Kissed the Sunset 6

A great big love ❤ from me to you.

I Kissed the Sunset 5

That's not a butterfly on my head but my newly bought ribbon headband.

I Kissed the Sunset 9

I told you I kissed the sunset, and I really did!!!

I Kissed the Sunset 8

The other side of the sky, baby blue + pink + orange.

I Kissed the Sunset 7

Said goodbye to Mr. Sunset.


  1. I like the second pic! It's a glowing heart...hehe.

  2. I enjoyed reading your blog. Keep it that way.

  3. I love the 1st picture...
    I think taking photos is fun, make people happy and make ourself happy too...

  4. Love the 2nd pic the best! You look stunning :D

  5. emotionalistic:
    Same here! I like it the most ^^

    Chester Khuan:
    Thank you, Chester ;)

    Hi, thanks for your encouragement!

    Thanks, sweetie =)

    小澤 (DSvT):
    Thanks, and I couldn't agree with you more ^_-

    BeverLy's Secret:
    Thanks babe!~ *huggiez*


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