Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Beauty of Stanthorpe

Stanthorpe: Day Break

It was minus 3 degrees when we were in Stanthorpe 2 days ago.

Stanthorpe: Frost Gate

We arrived at 5 something in the early morning, and this was the frost gate I saw.
Pretty amazing, isn't it?

Stanthorpe: Pinkish Blue Sky

Such a beautiful pinkish blue sky ♥

Stanthorpe: Freezing

My face and fingers were feeling so numb...

Stanthorpe: Sunrise

Admiring the sun rises above the surface of the Earth.

Stanthorpe: Sunrise

So warmth and lovely ♥

Stanthorpe: Purple Flower

It's flower again, I just enjoy shooting flowers ;)

Stanthorpe: Thorns

An "unidentified object" with thorns.

Stanthorpe: Storm King Dam

Storm King Dam.

Stanthorpe: Welcome to Stanthorpe

"Welcome to Stanthorpe" banner on the main street.

Stanthorpe: Straw House

A straw bale house nearby.


  1. Happy Birthday to You ! :)
    Have a Great Day !

  2. I like the quiet and relax!

  3. Jre:
    Thanks, Jre!
    You seem to pop out of nowhere =P

    Yeah, it's a very nice and quiet place, far far away from town~


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