Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Birthday Countdown with BB

Birthday Countdown 2010

A little birthday countdown I had with my boi on the midnight of the 13th.

Birthday Countdown 2010

My boi put so many candles on the cake, actually one is more than enough for me.

Birthday Countdown 2010

Tiramisu cake from the Cheesecake shop ♥

Birthday Countdown 2010

We don't have much choice really, as there are only a few numbers of cake shops in Toowoomba. But, no more cakes from the Cheesecake shop after this please? @_@"

Birthday Countdown 2010

My boi sang me birthday song while I was staring at the cake, and I made the same birthday wishes I make every year =)

Birthday Countdown 2010

Argh, I'm feeling so old now :`(
(Please don't ask me how old, as your question would be rejected somehow)

Birthday Countdown 2010

This is the 5th time my boi celebrated my birthday with me.
Mr. Choo please don't forget about my present k? =P


  1. Happy Birthday to you!!! May all your dreams come true~~ Have a great one :D

  2. i strongly dont believe that u are 7 years old.

    anyhow, happy birthday to you.

  3. happy sweet 20sth birthday girl!
    should sing you a song named tiramisu nx time! :)

  4. wah...happy blated bday to u...btw, u also born in month of may...just celebrated yve's bday yesterday only...kekeke

  5. BeverLy's Secret:
    Thank you, pretty ^^

    CH Voon:
    Hehe, thanks CH! I'm definitely not =P

    chien sing:
    Thanks for not mentioning my age here, Melodii ;)
    Sing it on your birthday maybe?

    Thanks via =) I got quite a number of friends celebrating their birthdays in May...

  6. I wont ask you how old :P. Stay cute and pretty always, hun! ;)

  7. emotionalistic:
    Thanks, sweetie~ xoxo


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