Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year Eve's Dinner: Goodbye 2009

2009 New Year Eve's Dinner

My boi giving me a hand on grilling the food.

2009 New Year Eve's Dinner

Deep Fried Calamari Rings and Meatballs again (as we marinated plenty of them yesterday).

2009 New Year Eve's Dinner

Here comes the yummylicious New Year Eve's dinner.
Don't stare at my Winnie The Pooh pajama, will ya?

2009 New Year Eve's Dinner

On the plate: Smoked Salmon, Pork Loin, Salad and Calamari Rings.

2009 New Year Eve's Dinner

We've also prepared Sesame Meatball with gravy on top.

2009 New Year Eve's Dinner

Sweet Red Date, Lotus Seed and White Fungus Soup (红枣莲子银耳汤).

P.S. Happy New Year to everyone! I shall put up my new year resolutions very soon ;) What about you?


  1. ur boy is so lucky has u as his gf

    Happy new year 2010 to you n FAmILY :)

  2. Happy NeW '2010' Year ! To U & Ur BOY.... Those 'Calamari rings n Meatballs'.... so....mouth watering... ;)

  3. Happy New Year, darling ;). I always enjoy your home cook meals post!


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