Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Gift for Her (Extended)

Guess Necklace

I'm not sure if you would still remember the Christmas pressie that my boi gifted to me about few days ago, simply click here if you totally have no clue what I'm talking about. It was a pair of GUESS earrings which shares the exact same design as this necklace.

Guess Bracelet

My boi has even got me the bracelet too...

Ribbon Hair Clip

Ribbon Hair Clip with colorful rhinestones. I desperately needed this 'cause my Elite Hair Clip has already broken into two.

New Tokito Dress

My new ♥ Tokito ♥ dressie.

Christmas Gift Basket / Hamper

A Christmas hamper I've got for my boss. He has been a really nice boss and it's been a pleasure working with him too.


  1. That's so sweet. Now you got the whole Guess collection! =)

  2. emotionlistic:
    Yep, and I can put them on when I go back to M'sia for CNY ^^

  3. Oh, you're coming back for CNY. Nice =).

  4. emotionalistic:
    Yes I am, and I'm feelin' all excited about that =)


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