Friday, December 4, 2009

Beautiful Sunset On A Random Summer Afternoon

This is another random post, accompanied by a random photo, taken on a random afternoon. It also happens to be the beautiful sunset I mentioned in my 1853rd tweet on Twitter just a couple of hours ago. We've moved into a new unit recently, but still living in the same area though. Nice room, nice carpet, nice environment (peaceful and quiet), and absolutely nice view too!

Since the past few weeks or months, I had been busy doing nothing but work, study, work, study, and work again (not to forget that I partied and attended gatherings too, sometimes). But luckily, I managed to keep things under control. About the exams, they went pretty well and and I'm so relived that I did pass all the courses with good grades. Even my family and my boi felt so happy for me. Speaking of my casual job, I'm facing some serious-yet-not-too-serious skin problem in these few days. My boi has got me some first aid cream called Paraderm Plus to ease the itching and rashes on both my hands and legs. It did help a little bit but not too much really. For those who know that I'm making quite some money from my jobs, you might also know that money doesn't come with a snap of fingers. Anyway, I'll be heading to Forest Hill tomorrow, working of course. Take care my friends!


  1. what job u do there?

    part time right?

  2. CH Voon:
    Just casual jobs, flexible working hours and better pay too ;)


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