Sunday, December 20, 2009

Decorating Christmas Tree

Decorating Christmas Tree

This is my first time decorating a Christmas tree. We got the 182cm Christmas tree and the rest of the ornaments and decorations for less than $30 only. And of course, it's not one of those fancy Christmas trees, but just a simple yet inexpensive one.

Decorating Christmas Tree

Step 1: Insert the tree bodies (3 parts) into the base of the trunk, one by one.
Step 2: Lower all main branches at the bottom level and position so they are parallel to the floor.
Step 3: Straighten and separate all the small branches. Then slightly upward in a 'V' shape to match the rest of the tree. (Be patient as this step is a bit time consuming).

Decorating Christmas Tree

Tadah! Here's the final result of tonight!

Decorating Christmas Tree

I'm not quite satisfy with the outcome though, still thinking of getting another few more items to hang on the tree tomorrow ;)


  1. Independent Queen:
    Thanks! The leopard print shorts come with a sexy top too =]

    Me too!!! I've been in Christmas mood since the begin of December xD

  2. well done. Your Christmas tree decoration looks awesome

  3. Take a picture with the Christmas tree lights turned ON! :)

  4. i suggest put some more sugar candles and socks.

    if put the LED running light... it will be perfect... turn off the light.... great!

  5. nice xmas tree there....dun think i will deco my xmas treee this time ler...hehehe....busy with dylan.

  6. CH Voon:
    Putting on sugar candles and socks is actually a great idea! Thanks!

    As for the LED lights, I'll have to check out the price first. They might be a bit more expensive here...

    Hehe, I understand that. You'll never be free after becoming a daddy, will ya? ;)

  7. emotionalistic:
    I haven't put on the lights yet, still considering whether to put them on or not...

  8. I love putting up the Christmas tree each year! Good to see yours is now up! :)

  9. Katie:
    I just feel that it wouldn't seem quite like Christmas without having any Christmas tree around us ;)

  10. marccus:
    Thank you! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to u *cuddle*


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