Thursday, December 3, 2009

Little White Pear Earrings

White Pearl Earrings

There are two major types of pearls: salt-water pearls (Oriental pearls) and fresh-water pearls. Today, my boi has rewarded me a pair of white pearl earrings, they're just fresh-water pearls of course. Apart from that, I've also got myself a pink floral top and a pink little dress that I adore so much ;) I know you wanna see them too, but I'm too but I'm a little bit sluggish now. Just wait for my upcoming post, will ya?

Oh wait, before I sign off... here's a sweet picture of the latest me, xoxo


  1. emotionalistic:
    Erm, for passing the exams with good grades? xD

  2. look nice... should be very expensive one hehehe

  3. CH Voon:
    They weren't that expensive really but they do look classy though ;)

  4. wah...real pearl? darn....must be real expensive too...

  5. vialentino:
    Yeah, real pearls ;)

    What's the pricing in M'sia?


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