Sunday, December 27, 2009

Flora by GUCCI, the New Fragrance

Flora By GUCCI

My latest collection: Flora by GUCCI (50ml).

Flora By GUCCI

♥ GUCCI ♥ Flora ♥ Fragrance ♥

Flora By GUCCI

As its name suggests, this new fragrance is rooted in a floral olfactory world, yet its unique construction offers something unusual and compelling. The complexity of this fragrance begins at its core, which is composed of Rose and Osmanthus flowers, rare and delicate blooms originating in China. The combination of these two powerful flowers reaches a perfect accord in which the light, fruity quality of the Rose is counterbalanced by the velvety, leathery aspects of the Osmanthus. The result, sensual and sophisticated, offers an unconventional signature that differentiates it from most florals.

Fresh citrus and peony are used as a top note, which impart a sexy, youthfulness. These sweeter notes are reigned in by a powerful base composed of Sandalwood and Patchouli, signatures of the Gucci fragrance world. The tension between each of these elements reaches a superb equilibrium, in which youth and lightness plays against sensuality and depth.


  1. emotionalistic:
    Yeah, I love everything about this fragrance! <3

  2. hehehe.. u studyin in kl? which uni? lolx.. ya.. lots of good food.. come penang la.. hee.. ..gosh.. i love da perfume.. =D must be expensive huh =P.. kissed ur nuff too.. blekk

  3. i can smell very expensive perfume....kekeke....very nice packaging.

    anyhow, i am not a person who frequent use perfume....prefer original man's smell ...u know wat i mean

  4. CH Voon:
    Erm, there are plenty actually...

    I'm studying, not in KL but Australia.
    I had been staying in Penang for 5 years before to this place, really missed the food and everything back there.
    The fragrance was on Christmas sale actually, not as expensive as you think...

    Awesome! What's the selling price there?

    Haha, I got what you mean, "nan ren wei" :P

    Yi Han:
    Yeah, I love Flora to bits and it lasts pretty long too ;-)

  5. I am not good for a fragrance descriptions but I wanted to have a perfume collections and I cant wait to try this new fragrance.


  6. pheromone advantage:
    Hi Cletsey, you should try it someday~ I like the smell but don't wear it as often as Gucci's Envy.

  7. Hi Christina,

    Thanks for the suggestions,anyway I am looking forward to your next post and more power to your blog. :)


  8. pheromone advantage:
    You're most welcome, Cletsey. See you around! ;)


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