Friday, February 27, 2009

Warner Bros Movie World: Marilyn Monroe Look Alike

Warner Bros. Movie World: Marilyn Monroe

As soon as we stepped out from the Roxy Theatre, we ran into this sexy white chick walking on the main street of Movie World. Let's tail her to find out who she really is...

Warner Bros. Movie World: Marilyn Monroe

Wow, isn't she Marilyn Monroe, the Hollywood superstar?!
Close enough, but she's just a friendly Marilyn Monroe look alike.

Warner Bros. Movie World: Marilyn Monroe

It's my boi's turn finally! You could tell from his face how excited he really was.

Marilyn Monroe Famous Pose

Here's a picture of the real Marilyn Monroe, striking her famous pose in the classic white halter dress from the movie "The Seven Year Itch."

Warner Bros. Movie World: Justice League Australia

Guess who else we met? Justice League Australia with a line-up that includes Hawkman (played by a girl?!), Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Flash. While Batman, on the other hand, was too busy proposing to his beloved Princess Christina. LoL, just teasing you!

Warner Bros. Movie World: Justice League Australia

I bet they must be sweating like mad wearing those padded costumes in hot summer days.


  1. wow..
    it's reaaly fun oo..
    want go see see
    but cant.. :'(

  2. The superheroes are quite short, don;t cha think? hahahaa..

  3. Isaac:
    Yeah, and I'm sure you'll get to visit here some day ^^

    Haha, I realize too! Batman is a lot taller than these 2 guys.

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