Monday, February 2, 2009

Watch Corner with Love Online《转角遇到爱》

转角遇到爱 Corner with Love

I know some of you may be wondering what have I been up to lately. To tell you the truth, there's nothing much going on actually. As usual, I go to work everyday, and the rest of my time is utterly dedicated to watching the Taiwanese drama "Corner with Love". The story was pretty funny at times, and finally so sad and sweet as the episode grows. There were so many touching scenes that made me shed my tears, you wouldn't believe how many tons of facial tissue have I used to wipe off my overflowing tears...


徐熙媛 (Barbie Hsu) 饰 俞心蕾
罗志祥 (Show Luo) 饰 秦 朗
路嘉欣 (Lu Jia Xin) 饰 蔡小阳
陈至恺 (Chen Zhi Kai ) 饰 尹尚东
陈佩骐 (Carolyn Chen) 饰 温碧珠
藤冈靛 (Dean Fujioka) 饰 安藤枫



转角遇到爱 Corner with Love


该剧根据日本人气漫画改编,由曾经打造过《流星花园》的 “偶像剧之母” 柴志屏再次操刀,人气偶像大S徐熙媛、“小猪” 罗志祥首度联袂合作,给人耳目一新的视听冲击,此片被称为中国版的《浪漫满屋》、偶像版的《武林外传》。

下载转角遇到爱片头曲 赖雅妍 - 爱的勇气.mp3
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下载转角遇到爱插曲 蔡旻佑 - 我可以.mp3

转角遇到爱 Corner with Love转角遇到爱 Corner with Love转角遇到爱 Corner with Love转角遇到爱 Corner with Love转角遇到爱 Corner with Love转角遇到爱 Corner with Love
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