Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Warner Bros Movie World: Batman and His Rides

Warner Bros. Movie World: Batman's Car

We arrived at Warner Bros Movie World at 11 in the morning, there were already long queues lining in front of all ticket-selling booths. Smart people like us, have pre-bought our tickets (AUD 62 per adult) at RACQ Toowoomba before heading down to Gold Coast. As we entered the main entrance, we saw this super cool Batman's car right in front of the Batwing Spaceshot.

Warner Bros. Movie World: Batman's Boat

Batman's boat in front of Superman Escape. Unfortunately, the roller-coaster ride was closed and under maintenance yesterday (closed between 16th and 22nd of February). You might have to visit the theme park after this period, if you really wish to take the ride.

Warner Bros. Movie World: Batman

We spotted Batman talking to someone in the alley.

Warner Bros. Movie World: Superhero Batman

Batman, every kids' favorite superhero.

Warner Bros. Movie World: Batman

The superhero looks freaking cool on his fancy ride!

Warner Bros. Movie World: Batman

He has been friendly to everyone, especially the kids.

Warner Bros. Movie World: Batman

One thing about him is that he always keep a straight face and never smiles.

Warner Bros. Movie World: Batman's Car

How I wish that this was my ride...

Warner Bros Movie World: Gotham City Hall

Batman Adventure (The Ride 2), the multi-million dollar ride incorporates the latest in animation and computer generated technology, located within the Gotham City Hall.


  1. Oh my god, Batman's codpiece! I don't remember it being that prominent. He must have started padding it, the horny ol' bat :P

  2. look great... plan to go there in future!

  3. k0k s3n w4i:
    LoL, you met him before?

    CH Voon:
    Yeah, Gold Coast is one of Australia's leading holiday playgrounds, so you must really come and visit here.

    Hahaha, I thought nobody would actually see or read the fake dialogues I made up.


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