Sunday, February 8, 2009

Gypsy Rose Pink Acoustic Guitar

Gypsy Rose: Pink Acoustic Guitar & Pink Gig Bag

While everyone was cracking their heads thinking or deciding what to buy for their valentines, my boyfriend decided to buy me a "girlfriend" as Valentine's present. Yes, he really bought me a cute and sexy "girlfriend". Aww, that is so sweet of him!

Gypsy Rose: Pink Acoustic Guitar

Slim neck...

Gypsy Rose: Pink Acoustic Guitar

Light weight...

Gypsy Rose: Pink Acoustic Guitar

Small body, 7/8 sized...

Gypsy Rose: Pink Acoustic Guitar

I, Christina, take you, Gypsy Rose Cutaway Acoustic, to be my girlfriend. I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love and honor you all the days of my life.

Gypsy Rose: Pink Acoustic Guitar

I, now pronounce you as my official new girlfriend. May I kiss you now? *Muackz*

Gypsy Rose: Pink Acoustic Guitar & Beginner Guide Book

A progressive guitar guide book for beginners, it comes with both a CD and a DVD.

Gypsy Rose: Pink Acoustic Guitar & Pink Guitar Strap

The GRA1 kit includes a pink guitar strap (I just attached it to my guitar last night), pink gig bag, DVD, free web membership, and pink stickers.

Gypsy Rose: Pink Acoustic Guitar & Cute Stickers

Those stickers are soooooo cute!!! You may choose to DIY your guitar with them but for me, I won't be doing it cause I love my guitar so much, too much until I couldn't afford to "ruin" her image.

Gypsy Rose: Pink Acoustic Guitar & Guitar Power DVD

Everything is in pink, except this one... a Guitar Power DVD featuring The Rock House.

DSC09548Gypsy Rose: Pink Acoustic Guitar

I'm having the sugar pink one, they're also available in stardust purple and starlight black. Alright, I'm done with my story. What about you? What kind of present are you expecting from your loved one?


  1. OH MY GOSH!!

    Your girlfriend is so damn sexy lah!

    I think I've seen a jamming studio at Paradiz Centre selling this brand.

    I doubt my boyfriend will get me my electric bass guitar for valentines. :(

    Enjoy your new girlfriend! :)

  2. Wow.. You have a great Valentine's gift! Your guitar looks so nice =)
    So sweetssss ~

  3. Envy... The sexier girlfriend i ever see..

  4. Good luck on your guitar lesson...
    I didn't play guitar longtime~

  5. wow that is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! i would love a pink guitar like yours but maybe it may not suit me ...heheh i once took up guitar in my teens.. boy, horrible man.. it was hard to strum and sing at the same time... it came out sing, strum, strum sing.. my teacher said i sounded like 'cacat' hehehe so i gave up finally and sang in the bathroom only. or just play without singing anything with words...

    now i think i need an elderly girlfriend too. the heck with cacatness!

  6. Jan:
    Hi Jan, thank you for your compliment! It's time to hint your bf about the electric bass guitar that you wanted so much :D
    P.S. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your bf.

    Joanne Chan:
    Yeah, I wanted to get the one in starlight black but still I went for the sugar pink one, irresistibly sweet I would say!

    x u a n j i n G:
    Haha, I'm getting jealous now...

    choyying forever:
    LoL, when will be your turn to get one for yourself?

    Very very nice indeed!!!

    小澤 (DSvT):
    Wow, you play guitar too? I'd love to hear it some day...

    Haha, you never fail to make me laugh, each time you comment in my blog post. You really got sense of humour :P Honestly, I love the feeling of singing and playing guitar at the same time, that is why I must work harder to learn acoustic guitar. Did I mention that I have a classical guitar too? Well, it's rotting in my hometown in Malaysia...

  7. Hi Christina, thanks for dropping by at my site, the one which features the young boy playing his guitar at my More Than
    Words - Acoustic Version.

    So, this is what attracted you to my site. We share a common interest in acoustic guitar playing. Like you, I learnt on my own from books too, playing songs like Notting Hill, I believe I can Fly, Pretty Boy to Yellow Submarine, Scarborough Fair, etc. Wow, you really got me feeling like picking the guitar up and listening to how I've deteriorated. LoL.

    Last but not least, I see a proud owner of a fantastic gadget there!

  8. Hey christina i just wanted to say that i love your blog and your news feed how can i get my blog to be just like did u get so many followers

  9. hello there thanks for your grat post, as usual ((o:

  10. Such a lovely pink guitar. I think you should do a video playing that guitar so we can hear how good its sounds.

  11. Would you tell me where you buy?

  12. Huggable:
    Hi there, thanks! Just keep on doing what you're interested in doing and success eventually finds you =)

    No problem ;)

    Ryan Klein:
    I don't think so, Ryan. Don't wanna do something that would embarass myself ;p

    Sure thing, I got it from a local musical instrument store here in Toowoomba (Australia). Mind if I ask, where are you from?

  13. Hi christina

    I am blogwalker.I love ur guitar and decided to buy it but some people said gypsy rose guitar is toys shaped like guitar and its not suitable for beginner.Is that right?Maybe,if you dont mind to share your experinced with me.Right now, i hesisate to buy or not :(

  14. Hello, mind asking where am I able to get this in singapore ? And how much did your bf bought it for you ? :)

  15. hi where did you bought that gypsy rose guitar ? gonna wait for reply.


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