Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Day with Heart Sunglasses

Thai Majestic Restaurant, Toowoomba

The maximum temperature forecasted is merely 27 °C today, making it an ideal weather for both outdoor and indoor activities, such as retail therapy perhaps? But before we start out doing any other things, we gotta make sure that our two little hungry tummies are fed with some good food first, then only we'll have the energy to walk and shop around the city.

Thai Majestic Restaurant, Toowoomba

Right now, aren't you craving for a hot and delicious bowl of Tomyam soup too?

Thai Majestic Restaurant, Toowoomba

The restaurant changes its table decorations quite frequently I noticed.

Grand Central Toowoomba: JayJays

White heart sunglasses from JayJays.

Grand Central Toowoomba: JayJays

Here's another pair in red.

Grand Central Toowoomba: JayJays

Wow, these could be used as a mirrors instead! LOL

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