Tuesday, April 8, 2008

USQ Harmony Day 2008 (Part III)

Finally, I have the time to filter and photoshop the event photos of the USQ Harmony Day '08. However, the majority think that the activities organized this year were plain bored and simply lack of new ideas/ activities. Even the food prepared by the international food stalls didn't seem to be attractive enough.

USQ Harmony Day 2008: Warming Up

USQ Harmony Day 2008: Follow The Steps

USQ Harmony Day 2008: Japanese Kendo

USQ Harmony Day 2008: Kenshi / Kendoka

USQ Harmony Day 2008: Shake, Shake It Off

They have been performing the same kind of Drum Dance during the past two years. Since 1995, Drum Dance has gained popularity in Toowoomba and South-East Queensland, performing at numerous public and private events.

USQ Harmony Day 2008: Clap Your Hands

USQ Harmony Day 2008: Drum Dance

USQ Harmony Day 2008: Philippines Love Song

USQ Harmony Day 2008: Philippines Dance

USQ Harmony Day 2008: Hamony Day '09

Alex, my boi and I had written our names on the signature board, which will be used as the stage background for the coming Harmony Day celebration. This is not a full report throughout the day, as I only partially participated in the 2-hour event.

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